Startup Launch Services

Where do you expect to be in 30 days?

Most people can plod along and it takes them 6 months to get close to the launch of a startup. PresumeNothing has launch numerous startups and knows how to get going fast. From website development, to bookkeeping, marketing, legal agreements and product development, the PresumeNothing team can help. In 30 days we can deliver a visible presence and have a solid company ready to go.

I can't afford to hire anyone, I am just a startup

Start ups need funding. The best entrepreneurs know how to allocate that funding for the best return. With a quick startup launch project managed by PresumeNothing the ROI is much higher that trying to figure everything out yourself. We customize your startup project to only do the things that the current launch team can not get done. This saves money and delivers the best results.

I ran a huge division, I know what I am doing!

Running a large division at a corporation is difficult and you learn a lot. Starting a company from scratch with your own money is a very different experience and can be very challenging if you have never solved the annoying 1000 little problems before. Those problems were generally taken care of for you at the large corporation. Most people don't know where to start.

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