• Diversity is all about ideas and people

PresumeNothing is committed to diversity

Here are some of the guiding principles we work to apply to our team every day. We are committed to making positive changes in the business world that benefit all our clients, staff and everyone we interact with daily.  Our goal is to create a welcoming environment, that not only accepts but celebrates all people, individually and collectively.

  • The leadership team at PresumeNothing empowers employees to be active, socially responsible stewards in our local community.  PresumeNothing is dedicated to volunteering, fundraising, and providing professional services to nonprofit organizations

  • Provide equitable treatment for all groups in hiring, performance reviews, promotions, compensation, and work assignments, as measured by conversion rates through the hiring funnel, time to promotion, rate of voluntary and involuntary attrition, average compensation, average performance score, and employee perception of access to career development

  • Have proportional representation of women and people of color at all levels of the firm, with a goal of 50% women and 50% racially diverse by the end of 2022

  • Enact specific measurements to ensure all employees feel that that they are valued as people and accepted for who they are, as well as that their contributions are heard and valued by peers and leadership

  • Work to eliminate implicit and explicit bias among employees through regular trainings and workshops

  • Support employees and organizations working to reduce disparities in our community through donations