Board Seat

The team at PresumeNothing sits on several boards. Getting outside advice and ongoing guidance can have a tremendous impact on the trajectory of your company. Because our team evaluates companies and sees a variety of challenges every day we bring a lot to the party. Engaging a board member with continually updated experience and knowledge is can be a great asset.

Our team will discuss paid board roles or sweat equity assignments.

The right board makes a big difference...

Sometimes having someone willing to bring up the the hard conversations is what a company really needs. External board members are removed form the day to day discussions and are generally more willing to talk about the though issues than those that live them every day. Family owned business generally benefit even more from outside advice and leadership. A neutral party can lookout for the success of the business and avoid the challenges of hurt feelings.

What our clients are saying

Construction Management Company

"Adding a board member from PresumeNothing showed us the things we were not thinking about, saved us millions of dollars and a potential legal battle! I had no idea, until he showed us our gaps"

Technology Hosting Company

"We grew well for many years but then we hit a wall, our board was stagnant and our leadership was out of ideas and getting new input and outside advice changed the path we needed to take and set us up to meet our goal of selling the company"