Typical Engagement

Typical Engagement

While there is no typical engagement. Projects can be done on a fixed fee basis so all costs are known up front or an hourly basis to work the issues as they arise. Engagements begins with identifying the needs of the project or the team. 

How do we get started?

Where to begin?

The first thing we always do is NOT assume anything. We ask a lot of questions.

This process begins by interviewing the stakeholders and identifying the needs of the project or the company. From there a project scope is defined with clear deliverables, resources required and timelines for success.

I only need some short term help

Short Term VS Long Term projects

PresumeNothing does both short and long term engagements depending on the customer need and project requirements. Short term projects are typically 1-30 days and long term projects can be 12-24 months. Both types of projects can add tremendous value to an organization. Longer term projects often just require some part time resources to guide or manage the existing team.  We focus on delivering the right results while keeping costs down,

I have family or internal political problems, can you help?

PresumeNothing works with family businesses

Family businesses are tough to manage! We have done numerous family business projects and it can certainly be an added level of complexity. Often just having an outsider's voice can smooth the issues that have been occurring. A fresh set of eyes also lifts projects from the daily tactical efforts to a higher level.

Where does the name PresumeNothing come from?

Sherlock Holmes was a "consulting detective"

As consultants it is never good to begin an engagement with a pre-conceived notion. PresumeNothing starts with no expectations. We examine every company and challenge on its own. From there we identify the real problems and deduce the best solution.

The Hound of the Baskervilles

"To hear a hound upon the moor would not work a hard man like this convict into such a paroxysm of terror that he would risk recapture by screaming wildly for help. By his cries he must have run a long way after he knew the animal was on his track. How did he know?"  Sherlock

"A greater mystery to me is why this hound, presuming that all our conjectures are correct..." Dr. Watson

"I presume nothing." Sherlock

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