Financial Turnaround

PresumeNothing was engaged by a multi-national family owned Ping Pong company that had never made money in it's 12 year existence.  Implementing solid business metrics and a re-build of the international supply chain delivered immediate financial impact. With changes to treasury management, and some targeted HR upgrades came the next level of financial improvement. The final layer of change management added the right amount of process to an undisciplined organization and turned the corner to profitability in less than 11 months.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

A Private Equity owned Insurance resale company struggled with sales and marketing for many years. Sales were flat, with a revolving door of sales leadership. PresumeNothing was engaged to evaluate the sales team, identify gaps in marketing and create a sales training plan for the sales and leadership teams. 

Sales leadership training was identified as the fastest route to sales success. With a boot camp style training program for the sales leader the sales team started to perform. Sales in less that 7 month.

Business for Sale

With the death of the business patriarch and a lack of succession planning, PresumeNothing was engaged to clean up an overcomplicated technology business and prepare it for sale. Stabilizing an erratic company and applying best practices began to create a business with real value. With a solid foundation, PresumeNothing helped prepare the sales offering and shop the company to investors.

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